Halmahera Resources - Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance

To ensure integrated management, eliminate risks, and maximize firm performance, Halmahera Resources adheres to the highest principles of corporate governance.

The Board's enacted policies, procedures, and guidelines are embodying corporate governance. Because of the changing nature of the company's operations and the environment in which it operates, corporate governance standards are reviewed on a regular basis.


Health and Safety

Employee safety is critical to the performance and long-term viability of Halmahera Resources' activities. The safety and well-being of those performing tasks on behalf of the company remain a top priority.

Halmahera Resources maintains a high level of safety performance and works closely with its contractors and partners to keep the company a safe place to work.

Our main focus is achieving a high level of safety performance, and Halmahera Resources examines its safety management initiatives on a regular basis, looking for new ways to improve the training provided to staff. General health and well-being are also a priority and the company provides various health campaigns to all employees.



Halmahera Resources is dedicated to upholding the social authorization to operate by implementing environmental protection and social responsibility at a high level.

Water resources, biodiversity, air quality, material use and waste management, energy, and climate change, are all important aspects of Halmahera Resources' environmental stewardship. Halmahera Resources aspires to develop its environmental management systems on a constant basis. These systems are intended to protect the environment by preventing activities and conditions that have a harmful impact.


Environmental Policy

We are devoted to biodiversity conservation and continue to support endangered environments.

Halmahera Resources participates within international projects' voluntary reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and assessment of climate change risks and opportunities. This type of engagement provides a useful tool for analyzing areas of our environmental performance that are relevant to climate change. Halmahera Resources also monitors energy use in its operations and strives to increase energy efficiency through continuous improvement programs.

Why invest in Halmahera resources.

An important reserve base in the industry

Ore reserves are rich in all the key metals (nickel, copper, platinum, and palladium) backed by a low cash cost of nickel production compared to peers.

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Disciplined investment approach and responsibility for capital

Focus on Tier I assets and new investment management system.

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High profitability

Halmahera Resources has demonstrated financial sustainability throughout the cycle: high profitability.

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Growing Low-Cost Nickel Production

A solid operating platform in leading mining jurisdictions.

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Industry-Leading Profitability and Cash Flow

Generating superior shareholder returns and going for gold in everything we do.

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Strong Balance Sheet

A cash balance with no debt.

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ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

Social Responsibility

Halmahera Resources is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, engaging with key stakeholders, and operating ethically in the community.


Halmahera Resources' growth and development are dependent on its people, thus we invest in personal and professional development.

People who share our values and aspire to make a positive contribution to the environment in which they operate are valued by the company.