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About Us


About Us

We take pride in being a low-cost nickel producer that provides long-term profitability and stability for our employees, investors, and the communities we serve. 


Our Purpose and Devotion

At Halmahera Resources, we consider that the greatest way to accomplish success is for every individual to understand the direct influence their job has on the company's overall purpose and goals. Our purpose and devotion are the factors that convey our company's shared values and drive our actions.


Our mission is to be a low-cost nickel producer that benefits our employees, investors, and communities in the long run.

We have put in place specific programs throughout our divisions to reach our goals, and we will continue to make it a priority.

Different stakeholders interpret our mission in a particular way. For our employees, this implies that we will work hard to provide a secure and rewarding environment. For our investors and partners, this means that we will strive to offer exceptional long-term results. Additionally, it means that in the areas where we activate, we will seek to provide long-term economic advantages while respecting and embracing local culture by keeping our promises.


How We Work as a Company


Corporate Governance

We, at Halmahera Resources, know that efficient corporate governance is essential to winning and keeping our shareholders' trust.

Our governance policies reflect the company's vision and values, and they are crucial for improving overall performance, including supporting ethical behavior and high-performance standards across the company.

Why invest in Halmahera resources.

An important reserve base in the industry

Ore reserves are rich in all the key metals (nickel, copper, platinum, and palladium) backed by a low cash cost of nickel production compared to peers.

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Disciplined investment approach and responsibility for capital

Focus on Tier I assets and new investment management system.

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High profitability

Halmahera Resources has demonstrated financial sustainability throughout the cycle: high profitability.

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Growing Low-Cost Nickel Production

A solid operating platform in leading mining jurisdictions.

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Industry-Leading Profitability and Cash Flow

Generating superior shareholder returns and going for gold in everything we do.

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Strong Balance Sheet

A cash balance with no debt.

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Mission and Values


We offer our products and services via the sustainable use of resources and equity, making the world a more stable place to live in and assisting people in realizing their ambitions for development and technological improvement.


Reliability - the ability to deal with any challenges that occur in order to ensure the company's success.

Growth - effective production ramp-up and upgrade, as well as the use of cutting-edge technology and staff development.

Efficiency - achieving our objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Liability - the determination to keep our promises and accept responsibility for our actions.

Professionalism - a consistently high level of performance.

Collaboration - the competence and motivation to work together to achieve a common goal.


Principles and Approach

Our Approach

The interests of shareholders, the Board of Directors, the management team, employees, and other stakeholders are all addressed and balanced in our corporate governance system.

We follow the applicable laws and concepts outlined in the Corporate Governance Code, which has served as a primary source for the establishment of the company's by-laws as well as a guide to fostering excellent corporate governance practices.

Our Principles

Our corporate governance framework depends on the following principles:

  1. Equitable and fair treatment of stakeholders;
  2. Professionalism and leadership of the Board of Directors;
  3. Responsiveness of the Board of Directors and executive bodies;
  4. Corporate social responsibility;
  5. Transparent and timely disclosure;
  6. Risk management.


Company Profile

Prospecting, exploration, mining, concentration, and processing of minerals, as well as production, marketing, and sales of non-ferrous metals, primarily nickel, are the fundamental activities of Halmahera Resources.

The company considers that a firm commitment to the concepts of social and environmental responsibility is a requirement for long-term success. Halmahera Resources prioritizes its social mission while reaching business objectives by adhering to corporate social responsibility principles and cultivating long-term connections with society, and local communities across the company.

Halmahera Resources places a premium on employee health and safety, as well as environmental protection, and adheres to all applicable rules and regulations in the area. The company supports employees who want to upgrade their skills, providing many career opportunities for both new talent and seasoned professionals.

The Company’s commitment to the principles of social responsibility manifests itself in a number of practical initiatives, those ensuring the sustainable development of the regions where we operate. The company supports and encourage public initiatives, develop social partnerships, promote new social technologies and foster soft skills among local communities.

The company's dedication to social responsibility principles is reflected in a number of tangible measures aimed at guaranteeing the long-term growth of the regions in which operations are completed. The company supports and encourages public activities, builds social partnerships, promotes new social technologies, and helps local communities develop soft skills.

The company's social policy emphasizes the support of high-performance, as well as the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Halmahera Resources is focusing on collaboration with international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as a means of exchanging best practices in production, environmental protection, social policy, and other relevant areas.