Halmahera Resources - Strategy




We have a straightforward and varied portfolio of tier one assets, with low-cost growth and value-creation prospects for the future. Our assets are of exceptional quality and are primarily located in low-risk areas with significant development potential.


Valuable Assets

We build value through the methods we operate our assets in addition to having the right assets in the right commodities.

Our Operating Model enables us to take advantage of integrated systems and technology, reproduce knowledge, and adhere to high governance and transparency requirements.

Our aim is to build long-term value and high returns by having the greatest capabilities, commodities, and assets.


Industry-Leading Capabilities

We work on applying industry-leading capabilities to a portfolio of world-class assets in the most competitive commodities.

This involves:

Maximizing Value and Returns

We have a concise and diverse tier one asset portfolio. It has a long lifespan, is reasonable, and can be expanded. We apply our values and culture, operate them safely and productively, and employ technology to extract the most value and best returns from our assets.

To keep our strong track record, we ought to make the most of our portfolio and develop real alternatives. Our commitment to capital discipline, as well as social value, which is our contribution to our employees, the environment, and communities, will determine our future success. It guides the way we allocate resources, create commercial success, and keep our workplaces safe.

For our shareholders, communities, and society, we have a responsibility to generate strong commercial, sustainable, and social outcomes. This motivated us to update our mission statement to recognize people as the driving factor behind our accomplishments and to highlight our larger impact.



With the goal of unlocking greater value, our transformation program will continue to simplify the way we work, boost our workforce capability, forge creative alliances, and create more stable and predictable operations.

The transformation program includes: