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Why Invest in Halmahera Resources

We believe in a world where the power of the people can make incredible things happen.

Sustainable energy gives the world a better place for future generations and technology offers new frontiers.

We are a strong and inventive company because our employees are ambitious, motivated, confident, and engaging.

Our work is transforming the way communities throughout the world thrive, flourish, and remain sustainable. Our teams are searching for and manufacturing the specialty metals that will make energy storage portable, efficient, and effective enough to enhance the lives of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world in the long run.

New battery storage technology is allowing power generated from the sun, wind, and other sources to be stored and used when and where it is needed, allowing renewable energy to reach its full potential. This technology will have an impact on future generations in multiple ways, improving people's lives.

We believe in a green energy future, and we are helping to make it a reality by supplying the metals required for new generation batteries.


Making the Difference

Organic Reserve Growth and Significant Exploration Potential

Developing projects of high grade with great exploration potential.


Track Record of Results

A strong leadership team dedicated to achieving our objectives, increasing shareholder value, and operating in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Why invest in Halmahera resources.

An important reserve base in the industry

Ore reserves are rich in all the key metals (nickel, copper, platinum, and palladium) backed by a low cash cost of nickel production compared to peers.

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Disciplined investment approach and responsibility for capital

Focus on Tier I assets and new investment management system.

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High profitability

Halmahera Resources has demonstrated financial sustainability throughout the cycle: high profitability.

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Growing Low-Cost Nickel Production

A solid operating platform in leading mining jurisdictions.

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Industry-Leading Profitability and Cash Flow

Generating superior shareholder returns and going for gold in everything we do.

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Strong Balance Sheet

A cash balance with no debt.

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An Important Reserve Base in the Industry

Ore reserves are plentiful in all of the major metals (nickel, copper, platinum, and palladium), and nickel production has a low cash cost compared to peers.


Disciplined Investment Approach

Top assets and a new investment management system are the focus.


High Profitability

Halmahera Resources has shown financial stability and profitability throughout the cycle.


Growing Low-Cost Nickel Production

Managing a solid operating platform in foremost mining jurisdictions.


Important Profitability and Cash Flow 

Superior shareholder returns and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.


Strong Balance Sheet

A cash balance with no debt.


Halmahera Project Main Factors:

Large and Durable Resource


High-Value, Strategic Nickel Product


Low Projected Costs


Minimal Environmental Impact


The Key Competitive Advantages: